Robust cloud-based call controller with a rich feature set. Comlink’s Softwitch offers absolutely smooth transition between networks. Whether you are on the move jumping cellular network or switching from WiFi to Mobile Data or visa-versa, you will not experience any call drops or interruption in your communication. 

Product Highlights

Symmetrical Geo-Based Routing. This keeps media on the same Gateway.


Carrier Grade

Carrier grade with class 5 features.



Pre-paid with service packages

Offers pre-paid billing with service packages enablement.



Multi-Tenant and White-Labeling

Support multi-tenant model and white-labelling, standard with Comlink’s Softswitch.



Smooth transition between networks

No drop calls when moving between WIFI and MOBILE DATA or Vise Versa.



Buddy list support

Network Address book with buddy list.



In-bound and out-bound SMS

Offers both way SMS with mobile enabled DID.




Comlink Softswitch With Location and Geo Redundancy


Comlink Softswitch App to App Call Flow

Clustered solution for geographical diversity and redundancy


Comlink Softswitch App To PSTN Call Flow


Comlink Softswitch Key Features

Call forwarding Presence
FMFM One to One chat, Group chat
DND App to App (Voice & Video) calling
Voicemail App to PSTN calling
Call transfer WebRTC
File, picture, video and live video sharing (like WhatsApp) Network Address book with buddy list
Conferencing Call Bridging
Music on hold Recording
Web Interface (Admin, Reseller, End user) Push Notification (iOS, Android and WEB)
Parallel Ringing and Call Forking


What’s in the box for Service Providers?

A host of features set to enable TELCO applications and the ability to resell them in a multi-tenant model. Comlink offers white-labeling options which can be leveraged to build your brand or enhancing existing enterprises branding under a multi-tenant business model.

Easy management as there is no infrastructure overhead. Seamless billing and reporting from standard API calls which produce accurate CDRs. Admin and view access available based on individual roles and responsibilities. Expert support team at your service 24/7 in case of any assistance needed.