CPaaS 2.0 – Communications Platform-as-a-Service 2nd Generation. CPaaS enables enterprises and businesses to enhance their customer experience and service by adding carrier grade communication modules without having to worry about the underlying infrastructure and software development.

Your existing applications can now have video, audio, chat, calling, SMS, IM and many more communications features. All of this is implemented in the cloud. You only pay for what you use thereby generating tremendous cost savings.

Product Highlights

Standards based platform for creating Telecom, Voice Video and Messaging Applications


Enhanced Messaging

SMS and IM with Enhanced QoS



Enhanced Voice and Video

Improved voice and crystal clear video with significantly less jitter at a lower cost.



Multitenancy Support

On-boarding of resellers and enterprise customers with provisioning and billing made easy.



Redundancy Ensured

Promise of no single point of failure.



APIs for all needs

Collaboration API, Enhanced SMSC Gateway API and Custom API Support.



Session Boarder Controller

Protect and regulate real-time communications including VoIP, IP video, text chat and collaboration sessions.


Enhanced Messaging (SMS and IM)

Ensuring faster message delivery at lower cost

  • Interconnection to over 50 providers for SMS
  • Built with a lightweight protocol
  • Read receipt
  • Real-time translation
  • Bot support
  • Messaging types
    • SMS
    • MMS
    • ON-NET/IM
    • Peer-to-Peer with Push

Enhanced Voice

Improved voice quality with significantly less jitter at a lower cost

  • Media is maintained within same media gateway or in same geographic location
  • Smart Geolocation
    • Call participation
    • Call routing
    • Turn Servers
  • Control bandwidth during call (using OPUS codec)
  • RTP is peered between end points or kept symmetrical for off-net calls (off load the RTP to carriers gateway)
  • Multiple preferred peering partners

Enhanced Video

Crystal clear video with significantly less jitter at a lower cost (using preferred peering partner)

  • Video is relayed/streamed between end points
  • High-definition streaming video between end points
  • Video conferencing with multiple streams using SFU
  • WEBRTC Support
  • XMPP Support
  • Intelligent Call Routing
  • Geo Location based Routing
  • RTP Peering

Geo location TURN servers


Comlink Kulfi IP Messaging API

Cloud-based messaging API dedicated to  create team collaboration or messaging application

  • One on One messaging
  • Private channel/Public channel/Broadcast
  • Presence/Status
  • Share file
  • Mentions
  • Avatars
  • Presence
  • Star message and Pin message
  • Notification Preference
  • White labeling with built in proxy

Enhanced SMSC

Carrier grade SMS support for P2P, A2P, P2A, I2P, P2I

  • Multi-Tenancy support
  • SIGTRAN, SMPP, SIP and REST API for sending and receiving SMS
  • Fully redundant at message level
  • GT (Calling and called) address based modification
  • OA and DA based routing, whitelisting and blocking
  • Supports home routing
  • Add Custom SMS flows without touching CORE SMSC code
  • Diameter support for Ro interface for billing
  • Origin based routing (based on Network GT, OA or IP)

Comlink Session Border Controller (SBC)

Protect and regulate real-time communications including VoIP, IP video, text chat and collaboration sessions

  • Network topology protection and resource hiding
  • Firewall & network address translation (NAT) traversal, near & far end
  • TLS,TCP and UDP support with protocol conversation
  • Dos, floods and intrusion protection
  • Interface to connect with external route server
  • Built in route server which can route calls by Geo-location, Destination number, Prefix or by IP or by combination logic of all
  • Inspect Codecs, headers and SDP for sanity check and Fraud detect
  • Failover support for downstream SIP network

HTTP/SS7 Application MAP Gateway

HTTPS to SS7 Gateway for MAP transactions and applications

  • HTTPS to SS7 MAP Gateway
  • API encapsulates the SS7 complexity in a single in/single out transaction
  • API exposes several MAP transactions such as SRI/SM, SAIN, Location Update and more
  • No need for any SS7 connectivity or management.
  • Provides Authentication of Subscriber via MSISDN or IMSI
  • Use Cases
    • Two Factor Authentication of Customer
    • Authenticate of Customer for SMS and other messaging
    • Authentication for In App purchasing

Comlink CPaaS 2.0 FAQs



What is in the box for providers

All the tools needed to build communications applications on top of CPaaS 2.0 and resell them in a Multi-Tenant model. Comlink experts are available to support through the journey and beyond to customize, white label and monetize on apps built on the platform.